Crazy Time Roulette – Why, How & What We Can Win?

Crazy Time Roulette

This is not the usual kind of game that you would find in a casino. So, what’s so special about Crazy Time Roulette?

Why indulge in Roulette Crazy Time?

Why should we choose Roulette Crazy Time when there are other games to play in casinos? Unlike other traditional roulette games bases purely on luck, Crazy Time involves some skill, chance as well as fun leading to a complete entertainment package. Its colorful wheel, frenzied hosts, and lots of bonus rounds make every participant feel like they are constantly participating in an ongoing action movie; and who knows, maybe someone may become a millionaire tonight.

How Crazy Time Roulette Work?

Synonyms can be used to rewrite the text: At its essence, Crazy Time is ground on the basics of traditional roulette. For each round, wagers are placing by players on various numbers or multiple combinations of numbers with a wheel spinning for the outcome. However, different bonus rounds are including in Crazy Time which increases chances of winning and makes the game more thrilling.

While playing this game, there is another wheel consisting of various sections that spins right next to the main roulette one. Every section corresponds to one particular bonus round like Coin Flip, Pachinko, Cash Hunt, and Crazy Time. When the central wheel comes to rest on any segment representing a bonus round, players get an opportunity to take part in this round and potentially win extra prizes.

Besides these extra rounds, multipliers are also present in Crazy Time Game that can enhance winnings substantially. On a random basis, these multipliers are assign to specific numbers on the wheel thus giving players a chance at earning higher payments.

What Can We Win?

It’s simple; a lot! Every player can make money, get multipliers or even open up more bonus games. On example here is the Coin Flip round which requires one to predict if a virtual coin will either land on heads or tails thereby doubling their earnings too. In Pachinko round, some balls are dropped into a maze with pins where they bounce until they eventually fall into high-value multipliers.